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Restorative Dentistry in Cincinnati

Restorative Treatment for kids

Restorative treatment care is an essential aspect of maintaining your child's oral health and function. Restorative treatments involve procedures that repair, rebuild, or replace teeth that are damaged, decayed, or missing. Our pediatric dentist, Dr. Petr Vaughan, and the Westside Pediatric Dentistry team have years of experience providing high-quality restorative dental care for kids of all ages.

Restorative Dentistry in Cincinnati

Children’s Dental Fillings

Dental fillings are a common restorative dental procedure for children with cavities. Tooth decay is a common problem in children's teeth and one of the most prevalent childhood diseases in the world. Restorative dental fillings are used to repair teeth that have been damaged by decay. Our pediatric dentist typically uses tooth-colored fillings that blend in with the natural teeth, providing a more aesthetically pleasing result that’s minimally invasive to their tooth structure. We strive to treat cavities while they’re small before they expand into more problematic scenarios. 

Pulp Therapy (Pulpotomies)

Pulpotomies are a restorative dental procedure that is performed when a child's tooth has a cavity that has reached the nerve or pulp of the tooth. The pulp is the inner part of the tooth that contains nerves and blood vessels. The procedure involves removing the infected pulp and filling the space with medication or dental material. Pulpotomies are essential to prevent the spread of infection to other teeth and to preserve the affected tooth's integrity. This delays the risk of premature tooth loss, which can complicate their oral development and tooth alignment.

Restorative Dentistry in Cincinnati
Restorative Dentistry in Cincinnati

Pediatric Dental Crowns

Dental crowns (“caps”) are used to restore damaged or decayed teeth that cannot be repaired with a filling. Crowns are usually made of durable materials such as stainless steel, zirconia, or similar tooth-colored material and are shaped to cover your child's entire tooth. Pediatric dental crowns can protect a child's tooth from further damage and restore the tooth's function until it’s closer to the time for the tooth to fall out naturally.

Restorative Dentistry in Cincinnati

Sedation Options for Kids

We understand that some children may feel anxious or even fearful about undergoing restorative dental procedures. That's why we offer in-office IV sedation to ensure your child's comfort during the entire procedure.

Which Treatment Does My Child Need?

Dr. Vaughan will perform a comprehensive evaluation and discuss the best treatment options for your child's unique needs. We aim to provide your child with a comfortable and positive dental experience while restoring their oral health. Each option will be reviewed with you, and we’ll be happy to answer any questions that you have.

Restorative Dentistry in Cincinnati