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Dental Crowns for Kids

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At Westside Pediatric Dentistry, it is important to us to make it simple and affordable for our patients to receive the dental care they need and want. That's why we offer our in-house VIP Member program, the Dental Savings Plan.

greater access to quality dental care at an affordable price

Did you know that many of our patients do not have dental insurance? The Dental Savings plan is not an insurance policy however, but it is of great value! Because we believe in preventing problems before they start, we've placed an emphasis on preventative care as well as offering discounts on ALL services for a low annual fee.

By utilizing our Dental Savings Plan, our goal is for our patients to save money, improve and maintain their oral health, and avoid the hassle and headache of traditional dental insurance.

It is a discounted fee for all services, only valid at Westside Pediatric Dentistry.

Benefits start immediately. Get started today!

NO yearly maximums
NO deductibles
NO claim forms
NO pre-authorization
NO denials and waiting period
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The Dental Savings Plan

Plan Options

For children 0-2 years old
For children 2-12 years old
For 14 years old & above

included services

2 Periodic Exams
2 Cleanings
Yearly X-Rays and any radiographs needed
2 Fluoride Treatments
2 Surface Fillings for only $270
($338 at reg. price )
Crowns for only $308
($385 at reg. price)
Dental Sealants for only $156
($312 at reg. price)
Tooth Extractions for only $228
($285 at reg. price)

What else should I know?

Premium is due annually in full.
Payment for treatment is due at the time of service.
There will be a $50 reinstatement fee if plan lapses.
Discounts cannot be used in conjunction with another dental plan or financing programs.
No refunds of premiums will be authorized at any time.